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WHEN: Monday,September 22nd
  • 12pm Board Meeting
  • 1:45 General Meeting
  • 2pm Demo Artist

WHERE: Toucan Terrace Clubhouse
                 955 Terry Dr

       Pismo Beach, CA 93449


Demo Artist: Steve Richardson

Steve's training as an artist began in early childhood with the influence of his oldest brother, a gifted artist and published cartoonist.

Beginning with watercolor Steve slowly transitioned to oils as his preferred medium.  Quickly becoming both a student and teacher Steve continues to work tirelessly to master his craft, never ceasing to explore and try new innovative ways to express both what is in front of his eyes and what is inside his heart.  

Steve's lifetime on the ocean has given him a multitude of awe inspiring experiences. These inner experiences of the outer world are translated into a more personal statement on canvas. "There is no substitute for direct experience and my success as a commercial fisherman came as a result of my connection to nature and I feel the same way when it comes to making great art. I become engrossed and deeply connected to my subject I don't worry about technique while I'm in the zone and that may vary with the feelings I'm having while this communication is taking place."

Steve's approach involves the sensitive use of thin washes and the bold application of thick impasto with a palette knife.

 Steve's award winning paintings are collected throughout North America and Europe.

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